Take Two Hours of Aspen Forest and Call Me in the Morning.

“Take two hours of Aspen forest and call me in the morning,” was one of those inspirational posts on my Facebook news feed. Most of the time I scroll by those because I can only handle so much stimuli; however, that one caught my eye, and I thought I sure could use a script of that.

The quote reminded me of how my father used to be a hypochondriac. He had become overly anxious about his health after the death of his father, and every time he went to visit the doctor his blood pressure would skyrocket.  The doctor recognized that my father was suffering from the “White Coat Syndrome,” which is a condition where the patient’s blood pressure rises while in a physician’s office, but is otherwise normal. After so many visits, the doctor became tired of trying to reassure him that he was healthy and out of impatience said, “Go shovel the driveway for an elderly neighbor.”

Perhaps some of us get so caught up in the rut of routine where life loses it’s luster leading to depression. Maybe the stress has built to a point where it can start to affect one’s health. Or the constant encouragement of advertisements has convinced you of what beauty is and you become anorexic. Is it conceivable to treat some of these without a drug prescription or years of mental health counseling?

Wouldn’t it be something if the doctor, instead of writing a script that was promoted by a pharmaceutical sales rep, wrote a prescription to spend a few hours twice a week in nature? Perhaps treating the patient’s self esteem could be done with regular doses of the spa, or trips to the salon.

Of course these treatments wouldn’t be suitable for all cases, but it’s something chew on. And the best part of it would be that your health insurance covers it!



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