Random Thoughts on Climate Change

I’ve already been through the mourning period, awhile ago. That’s apparent when the tone of my writing on the subject of climate change can be sarcastic, angry, and brutally realistic with a sliver of optimism.

Yep, it sucks.

I dislike how governments aren’t doing something drastic about it because it will cost too many of those green pieces of paper. Or how the fossil fuel industry won’t step up and do the right thing.

It pains me to hear there has been a surge of farmer suicides in India due to drought.

Realistically how can anyone be thinking about a ‘normal’ future for their children? Where extinction of life is occurring at every turn.

When I read some ridiculous excuse from a climate denier, I want to stab myself in the eye.

I sometimes volunteer at a thrift shop. I see the amount of stuff people drop off, to make room for more stuff. I ask myself, “is this what we are destroying the environment for?”

I hear there’s a concern that the local Sport Authority is going out of business. No more Aeropostale? This is absolutely idiotic.

I get sick reading capitalistic comments on the purchasing power of the US dollar. How a US citizen can buy more electricity, buy more meat, buy more things than a Venezuelan. Like it’s cool to be a gluttonous waste.

It bothers me to look out my window because 6 acres of forest were removed to build eco-houses. This little parcel of trees once enclosed a path for the urban deer.

I need to run the numbers.


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