It’s Just One of Those Days

The day started with annoyance. screen-shot-2017-03-04-at-4-03-51-am

Before coffee, your Dad asks you questions just because he knows you’ll be irritated, and he gets a kick out of it.

You drive to the nearest Dunkin Donuts on your way to your mom’s credit union. You decide to grab a coffee for your Dad and a latte for yourself. Why does it cost more for a coffee with whole milk vs. a coffee with cream? This makes no sense. Usually the higher the butterfat content the higher premium per gallon. Whole milk has a butterfat content of 3.5 – 4%, while half and half’s butterfat content is 10.5 – 18%.

You get to the credit union to deposit the checks and the lady at the counter tells you can’t deposit them without your mother’s signature. The irritating part is your mother knew you were going to deposit the checks and didn’t tell you she needed to sign them. So you drive across town to another bank and everyone on the boulevard is driving like idiots.

At the other bank you get waited on by the teller that always gives you a sideways look. Like she’s questioning your morals because you won’t open an account with Chase. The truth is I don’t like big banks, and I’m still shopping around, but that’s none of her business. Even though the check is a Chase check, they still have to charge you that $8.00 check cashing fee.

Back at the homestead, you open the mail looking forward to see a $0.00 balance on your Discover statement. After all, last month you paid off the remaining $437.00. Nope. Discover sends you a bill for $0.01. ? You start thinking about if the program was using a 32bit or 64bit floating-point number to calculate a bill for a penny that has a zero balance. What rounding algorithm does Discover use?

Then you notice a trail of litter throughout the hallway. The cats dislike spending time outdoors during the winter, so the shit box needs changing more frequently. Even though that shit box has a cover with a swinging door, the cats manage to kick litter out onto the floor, past the track mat. Now this requires you use your mother’s vacuum, which is of the worst ergonomic design. Not only does this vacuum get caught around every corner, you find out there’s a hole in the tubing that connects the sucking attachment to collection bag.

The choice of litter my mother prefers is also a subject that causes annoyance because its the kind that creates a lot dust. These tiny little fecal carrying particles track throughout the hallway, collect on your socks, shelving, its everywhere. In addition, the manufacturers should be required to list that PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is necessary when handling this material, like a dust mask and probably eye protection.

Knowing that this too shall pass because your stay is temporary, you’re reminded that you need boxes for packing. No way are you going to purchase cardboard. You become annoyed thinking about the piles of used packaging at work that your boss won’t relinquish, even after the cardboard has formed an archipelago throughout the office.


Note: Later that afternoon, you receive a call from niece asking if you mailed her the fidget cube. On you way to main post office, the one with self package mailer, you ponder about the price difference between the latte and coffee with cream. After you’ve solved it, remembering that the latte has a shot of espresso, you realize you’ve passed the post office exit by at two exits. Turn around at the next exit. At the post office the self package machine is full and you can’t use UPS because they don’t mail to post office boxes.


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