Bamboozled by a Book’s Title

If you purchased Lyons and Peres’ text, “Probability on Trees and Networks” with the expectations of expanding ones knowledge on forest ecosystems, then there’s a snowball’s chance in a polar vortex that you’ve been duped!¬†Probability on Trees and Networks

The authors’ description of a tree’s branching system disregards fundamental plant anatomy with no mention of the apical, intercalary, or lateral meristematic tissue. Their trees’, bereft of leaves and meristems, simply grow upward from the root, branching towards the tree’s children. If the growth is upward or skyward, then their “children”, such as seedlings and saplings must be floating about in the lower atmosphere. These would be literal air plants with the ability to circumvent the Earth’s gravitational force. For all one knows these plants’ cellular composition could be akin to chiffon or some wispy fabric.

As of yet, there are no known dendrological species that hover within the vapors of the Earth’s atmosphere; therefore, I’m skeptical to whether these aerial trees exist. ¬†Presumably, these trees are inhabitants of another life supporting sphere, but conceivably are fantastical fabrications that dwell within the authors’ minds. Pulp fiction.


Lord Eggs Benedict, 8th Duke of Breakfast






Bitcoin, Tether, Bitfinex

Over the weekend I decided to check in with any recent updates with Bitcoin. It had been a few weeks. Any who this is little write up will not be an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin or how digital currencies work, but several months ago, (December?), I mentioned briefly to friends who were new traders to the digital currency world that Bitcoin could turn out to be like Ponzi scheme. Continue reading “Bitcoin, Tether, Bitfinex”

Mr. Gunderson Gets 86’d

Mr. Gunderson awoke sweating, and battling a pulsating noggin. It was the morning after a punk themed Halloween party hosted at his favorite watering hole, The Board Room. Upon gaining consciousness, Mr. Gunderson jolted at the thought that he was 86’d. He struggled to remember if he had danced too erratically while dressed as a unicorn. Continue reading “Mr. Gunderson Gets 86’d”

This is Me Thinking About Thanksgiving

“INTPs thought process is unceasing and their minds buzz with ideas from the moment they wake up.”

Wake occurred after a scant amount sleep. There’s no negotiating with this recliner, the floor is just too hard, and the air mattress sprung a leak.onemaninsuit

Couch surfing in the interim of landing permanent employment can curb accomplishing other tasks associated with areas of personal interest. It could be worse. I could be sleeping on the streets or in a tent in one of the city parks. I’m not complaining. Just telling it like it is. Nothing but the facts. But I got friends, ya know. And they help where they can. So… Continue reading “This is Me Thinking About Thanksgiving”

Mystery Man in the Back Parking Lot

Since I’m riding the security train, I want to make note on an observation from last Saturday night outside the pub I frequent. While listening to friends play at open mike, I was running a hotspot to my computer, writing up a little piece of fiction for my WordPress site. When I finished I stepped outside, around to the back parking lot to see a young Asian man on his laptop. The guy didn’t look like your typical tweaker or street person; therefore, I was a bit surprised to see this. I immediately turned around and went back inside to turn off all my devices.

Continue reading “Mystery Man in the Back Parking Lot”