Mystery Man in the Back Parking Lot

Since I’m riding the security train, I want to make note on an observation from last Saturday night outside the pub I frequent. While listening to friends play at open mike, I was running a hotspot to my computer, writing up a little piece of fiction for my WordPress site. When I finished I stepped outside, around to the back parking lot to see a young Asian man on his laptop. The guy didn’t look like your typical tweaker or street person; therefore, I was a bit surprised to see this. I immediately turned around and went back inside to turn off all my devices.

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Paintings within Paintings

Russian nesting dolls inside of Russian nesting dolls, stories inside of stories, movies inside of movies, and so on represent recursion. Casual observers of these examples may think the definition of recursion is something that is being defined by itself. This definition is incomplete because if it were true, the Russian nesting dolls would be never ending, an infinite regress. A recursion never leads to an infinite regress or paradox because its not defined in terms of itself, but instead in terms of a simpler version of itself.

What Happened to the Silicon Warrior?

What happened to the good ol’ “crackers” I’ve read little about?

What happened to the Silicon Warrior, One-Eye, The Atom, The Cog, Hot-Rod, The Micron, The Cloak, The Cracksmith, the I.C., the “old” pirates of 1200 Club, MPG, and all the others?

I know the Silicon Warrior retired. Mr. Krac-Man, he too retired after “kracking” Super Zaxxon.

Where did they go?