Choose Your Gamete: X or Y?

Sorry. You have no choice in this. Your gender rendering was configured based on statistically sound probabilities. If you are disappointed with your genitalia, take comfort in knowing that this is NOT an equal opportunity adventure, and the gender outcomes are solely for posterity. Continue reading “Choose Your Gamete: X or Y?”


Note: Vermiculture Compatible Species

Non-native European earthworms found in North America do not like to participate. They are the Houdini’s of the Annelids, and will worm themselves to death to escape an enclosure. They don’t like it. You will feel awful knowing you have driven these tube shaped soil dwelling life forms to cellular cessation. They are most harmonious worming on the surface of the soil, under piles of leaves.

Paintings within Paintings

Russian nesting dolls inside of Russian nesting dolls, stories inside of stories, movies inside of movies, and so on represent recursion. Casual observers of these examples may think the definition of recursion is something that is being defined by itself. This definition is incomplete because if it were true, the Russian nesting dolls would be never ending, an infinite regress. A recursion never leads to an infinite regress or paradox because its not defined in terms of itself, but instead in terms of a simpler version of itself.