The Chronicles of Mr. Chaos – The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary

Mr. Chaos frequents the downstairs space of Nana’s and Pappi’s home, but it’s not just one room. He has commandeered the whole floor. My refuge, exists on the second floor. I have halted his territorial expansion by declaring the upstairs as a space only for girls. This declaration works most of time, except for when Pappi also seeks asylum in one of the unoccupied bedrooms; therefore, the second floor is a sanctuary to all who need a cessation from Mr. Chaos’ antics. Continue reading “The Chronicles of Mr. Chaos – The Sanctuary”


The Cognitive Exploration of Quasi-Pseudoscientific Sites.

I have been fascinated with populations that congregate on internet sites that misconstrue information related to particular fields of science. I have become so captivated that my circadian rhythm is now the inverse of the daily pattern of the Eastern Standard Time zone.

Primordial Ooze:

Currently there is uncertainty as to where the ancestors of this internet population originated. There are pages that do not conform to modern minimalistic design, and observations of the number of visitors per day suggest that these subscribers are not deterred by the lack of user interface (UI) feng shui. They also exhibit signatures of primitive hyper text markup language; however, creation dates were not determined because there were no¬†cyberspace archeologists available to comment on the UI architecture. No one knows how to contact these professionals and it is questionable whether they exist…The domains were bookmarked as potential nucleation sites; however, sites peppered with click bait and overloaded with advertisements were not included due to reduced loading speed annoyance.

¬†To be continued…researching.